Mobile phone users in Germany can now top-up their phones via WhatsApp

ROTTERDAM, December 2018 – Alphacomm Solutions and Alphacomm Digital Commerce team up to launch brand new WhatsApp top-up service In Germany. The service has been made available through the popular platform.
Prepaid phone cards have always been popular in Germany. In 2016, approximately 23 million Germans used a prepaid card. However, while prepaid phone cards allow for freedom and financial control, topping up often meant visiting a store or memorising a dedicated phone number. In recent times, this has gotten easier, but it has never been as convenient as with the introduction of top-ups via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp top-ups on

Payment experts at Alphacomm Solutions recently teamed up with Alphacomm’s Digital Commerce division in the launch of a brand new feature on; one of the most popular mobile phone top-up websites in Germany. Mobile phone users all across Germany can now top-up their phones via WhatsApp by simply engaging with the chatbot.

How it works?

The mobile phone customer can enter the chat via a widget on the website. The conversation is easily initiated by either typing ‘Aufladen’ or ‘Hello’. As the conversation proceeds, the bot presents the user with a list of available prepaid providers, asks the amount (in euros) the user wants to top-up with and eventually provides the user with a link to the payment method of choice. After the payment has been verified, a confirmation follows and the credit is quickly added to the account.
All transactions on the platform are secure thanks to the integration of
Alphacomm Solutions’ payment systems and anti-fraud measures.
At present time, the service only covers direct top-ups, with support for third-party prepaid credit providers slated for 2019. Participating providers are Base, Callmobile, Congstar, E-Plus, Fyve, MTV Mobile, Netzclub, O2, Ortel Mobile, Otelo, RTLMobile, Simguthaben, Telekom, Vodafone and Vybemobile.


Alphacomm is a trusted global partner in all reminder dunning and payment challenges. Alphacomm was founded in 1997 by CEO Huub Sparnaay on the promise of securing revenue for companies around the world. Currently, Alphacomm is striving to become the world number one in securing payments by the year 2025. Alphacomm is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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